Listening to the Voice That Says It’s OK to Be Online § 2

The King and I was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with musicals, and as I learned more about their history I heard lots of people mourn the advent of amplification. Miles Kreuger, a musical theater historian I interviewed for my college radio show, talked longingly about hearing Gertrude Lawrence (REFERENCE ICON) Gertrude Lawrence was a star of London and Broadway musicals in the 1930s and 1940s. in the original production of The King and I. She had a small voice, he said, so everybody quieted down and actually listened. If Gertrude Lawrence could be heard, he said, anyone can be heard without a microphone.

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  1. Kenneth

    Most microphones today use electromagnetic induction (dynamic microphone), capacitance change (condenser microphone), piezoelectric generation, or light modulation to produce an electrical voltage signal from mechanical vibration.


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